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1-JamieFleming.LisaSpoon.SailingSD 089I’m Jamie L Fleming, CFP®, Founder and CEO of Fleming & Associates, LLC. At Fleming & Associates, LLC, we not only help our clients work through the numbers, but any issues they have around money to ultimately achieve the lifestyle they want to lead.

I’m the author of Kick the Fear out of your Finances™ and a public speaker on the topic. I created this course in 2006 to give individuals and business owners the foundational knowledge necessary to create and sustain financial success while honoring your Value System. The experiential learning course solidifies your financial confidence while breaking through personal financial barriers.

With over 20+ years of experience in the financial industry, I’ve assisted 1,000’s of clients in achieving their ultimate financial success. Click here to read more.

Our Services: 

Fleming & Associates, LLC is a professional firm designed to assist investors and businesses in protecting their assets and standard of living.

Services provided:

Personal Financial Planning- Your financial plan is more than just a road map that tells you how to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. And developing your individual plan isn’t just a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process where we help you discover, define and refine your goals and dreams. Click here to learn more.

• Asset Management – Structuring investment portfolios that are consistent with each client’s risk tolerance and goals.
• Estate Planning – Includes assistance with living trusts and elimination of estate taxes.
• Business Benefit Packages – Includes the analysis of current benefits in order to recommend cost effective solutions.
• Retirement Planning – Best ways to invest and get money out of IRAs, rollovers and pensions. In some cases, we’ll show you how to make withdrawals tax free.
• Long Term Care – Insurance or qualification for Medicaid.
• Income Enhancement – With immediate annuities.
• Unique Solutions to Problems – How to have your investments keep pace with stock market while having principal guaranteed.
• Bank On Yourself – A time-tested way to grow wealth safely and predictably, even when the stock market and real estate markets and other investments tumble.

Many investors can better organize their financial affairs when they know about the solutions available beyond what they are told by their stockbrokers, insurance agents, ‘financial advisors’ and lawyers. Fleming & Associates, LLC first educates investors about their alternatives and then assists them in implementing the proper solutions.

Investment Advisory services offered through Fleming & Associates, LLC; a state Registered Investment Advisor. Fleming & Associates, LLC and Kick the Fear out of your Finances (KTFOOYF) are independent of one another. CA Insurance license number 0B42473.

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