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Grow Your Business Income, Know You’re Doing Enough with Your Personal Finances

Hire a Financial Advisor for Women Entrepreneur

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, we work with women entrepreneurs and business leaders to take a proactive approach to their financial management and long-term success.  

Gain a Clear Financial Vision

Build Confidence Around Money

Achieve What You Want

You’ve Worked Too Hard to Fall Short Financially

As a strong woman entrepreneur and business leader, you’re no stranger to hard work. In fact, you thrive on it – were built for it! Yet, somewhere along the way, your own financial self-care has been neglected.

  • Business revenue may be strong, but your personal bank account isn’t.
  • Business operations are managed and organized, but your personal finances are a mess.
  • Business protections are in place, but your financial future is left to chance. 
  • Business growth is planned for and executed upon, but your personal financial growth has been an afterthought. 
Lasting financial success and security is possible.
Don’t settle for less. You deserve more.

Know Exactly What Your Business Income Can Do for You With a Financial Plan and Guidance Along the Way

Let’s face it. The problem is you have limited time to focus on your personal finances, but you know it’s not something you should ignore. No one is going to prepare and protect your financial future if you don’t, which is where we step in and take the lead with you.

Stop Worrying About Money

Imagine what life would be like when there is always enough money to accomplish what you want. It’s possible.

Regain Control of Your Financial Life

With a solid financial plan, ongoing support, and accountability to your success, your financial life can flourish the way you always imagined it would.

Let Your Business Help You Prosper

Experience true and lasting financial success when you allow your business profits to become personal prosperity.

We understand where you want to be financially.
Let us help you reach the best financial version of yourself.

  • 30 years in the financial industry
  • X years teaching on the topics of money psychology, personal finance, investing, and retirement planning for women entrepreneurs.
  • X entrepreneur clients served based on client needs, not cookie-cutter financial services.
  • Proactive focus on the accumulation phase of your financial journey so you can make smart decisions with your money now.
  • Attention to a spending plan versus a budget so you can live freely.

Our Services Are Designed for the Woman Entrepreneur to Excel Financially

Financial Coaching

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Financial Planning

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Asset Management and Investing

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Business Benefits Packages

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Retirement Planning

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Business Planning

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Risk Assessment and Management

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Estate Planning

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Income Enhancement

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What You Can Expect by Working with Fleming & Associates

Hiring a financial advisor is a big decision. You want to work with someone who is experienced and credible, but also easy to work with and understands your financial concerns. That’s why the process to get started is so straightforward and transparent.

Get Organized

During our first meeting together, we will take inventory of your entire financial life. That way we can assess your total financial standing – both business and personal.

Gain Understanding

It’s not enough to just be told by a financial professional, “I can do this for you.” We believe you should fully understand all the opportunities available to you. That’s why our second call includes tangible insights and explanations for what we recommend, how we work, and what we offer.

Be Strategic

Just like your business succeeds because of a well-conceived strategy, so will your personal finances. We provide you with a complete financial analysis and plan so you know exactly how to take a strategic approach with your finances. 

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8 Money Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make and How to Overcome Them

Achieve Everything You Want Financially. Get Financial Guidance!

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